Oculor is a platform where you can hire other people through micro-tasks. Your smartphone plays a key role on this platform. Your smartphone functions as 'eyes'. Almost everyone now has a smartphone with the possibility to make recordings. Why not use it to help other people, if you can also get paid for it?

Oculor connects people who need to have an eye on the world in real time anywhere, to people who make themselves available to offer live streaming video or photographing via their smartphone. This way you can be somewhere without actually going there physically.

Oculor is not a platform where you only do micro tasks using the camera of your smartphone. However, the camera of your smartphone plays a central role when there is a need to view ‘through your eyes’.

Oculor offers a solution if you need someone in a place where you can not be at that moment. Oculor brings your micro tasks to the local communities where you need them. With Oculor, you can hire someone in every local community to get something done. Hire local people to help you!

How does the Oculor platform work?A number of practical examples: 

- Post a task asking if someone can pick up your lunch.

- You have to work overtime but still, have to get a gift for your partner. You know exactly what you want. Someone in the area of the place where you want to buy the gift accepts the micro-task. Through video contact, you can see if the right gift is bought.

- Have someone do a home viewing for you by taking a (live) video.

- Away from home for a while? Let someone check on the state of your property.

- Hire someone (with professional knowledge) to be at a location far away from you, to inspect a purchase that you are considering. Think for example of a car. Avoid making all kinds of costs by going there yourself for nothing.

Everything is possible! You want to see something? Share it and reward the person that’s streaming/photographing it.



Oculor's platform is also a great platform to deploy for businesses and local entrepreneurs. Consider the following solutions:

- Do you, as a local entrepreneur, need more reviews, check-in’s or more images with your reviews? Use Oculor to connect with people from the local communities to help you with creating content for you.

- Experience your business through your customers ‘eyes’.

- As an independent journalist, visual material is very important. Let people provide you with the visual material you need at a place where you can’t be at that moment.

At the moment we are thinking about which use cases we can apply even more. We are looking forward to share this with you in our white paper.



At this moment we are in a phase where we are expanding the team (see roadmap). Information about the team will be further supplemented in the coming period.


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